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To: League Officers and Commissioners
From: Babe Ruth League Headquarters
Date: March 11, 2020
Re: Athlete Safety – Background Checks
Protecting the welfare of our youth athletes continues to be a top priority of Babe Ruth Inc. We believe that keeping children safe on the field begins with a thorough, high-level background screen and abuse prevention training for all coaches and volunteers. It is crucial to understand the difference between the different types of background screens. It is extremely important that your league is performing a quality background screen.  This includes all of the following: 
Multi-jurisdictional Database Search, County Criminal Records Search, Statewide Search, and National Sex Offender Registry Search. Only performing a discounted Multi-jurisdictional database search and Sex Offender Registry search leaves your league liable to miss serious convictions. In order to provide a high-level background screen, Babe Ruth has partnered with SportsEngine Inc. to provide a Gold Standard background screen. To learn more about Babe Ruth’s Safety Package, please reach out to our Safety Specialist Patrick Manupella: or click here to get started.  

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