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Memo to ALL Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Southwest Region State Commissioners, District Commissioners and League Presidents. Please Forward

We need your Local League UMPIRES! We need the guys that are in the trenches night after night, week after week, month after month, year after year and season after season! Have them go to OUR Babe Ruth Southwest Regional Umpire Website
http://brlswregion.com/umpires/ and register to become eligible to umpire in our Southwest Regional Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken Tournaments.
Please spread the word, talk to your guys, maybe they are interested and just don’t know how to go about “moving” up the Ladder and possibly becoming eligible in the future of being at least considered to become a Babe Ruth World Series UMPIRE!
MAYBE they need something besides a check & getting yelled at night after night, some encouragement from you might help more than you THINK!!!
Get Your Guys NUA certified and get them on this website
http://brlswregion.com/umpires/ TODAY!

Call me if questions (or have THEM CALL ME) 870-304-2014 or email me at

Larry D. Cantley
SWR Cal Ripken Umpire
Assignor & Consultant
Crossett, AR. 

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